Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bad Viz Doesn't mean bad dive

As well as Jims comment abouyt lack of blogging ;-) another complaint for this time of year can be poor visability either from plankton on the east coast or the silt on the west coast. However either by sneaking inside the wreck or using natural light with a wide lens you can still get some good shots.

If you can sneak inside you can also get some atmospheric shots. (Safety First, make sure your properly trained and equipped, see the line rigged.)

The fish life is still thier but again you need a wide lens to get them in.

Inchape II, 17-11/2007 (c) Richard Bailey

Cannon 350D, Ikelite eTTL housing, 2xDS125 strobes, Sigma 10-20mm lens.


Richard B.

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Mme Cyn said...

Good on ya, Richard, for diving in the murk. Nice photos --I guess th black and white makes it 'atmospheric' instead of 'cloudy'?