Monday, June 9, 2008

Zhainab 2nd May - Nudibranch


Seeing as nobody else seems to post EVER here's an update on last weekends diving.

It was supposed to be the swift but despite a valiant effort and 3 hours the swift wasn't going to happen so it was back to the Zhainab.Viz was "Good" by recent standards but sadly still not the wreck of old.

Took my new toy, Macro lens out to play with the Nudibranch's.

This is what they normally look like with a normal camera (17-70mm), even zoomed (70mm) in :

This is through the Macro, approx 2:1 (so double life size on the camera sensor) :

The front :

The back :

None of the above are cropped they are as I took the shot, just to prove it here is one I have cropped :

(C) R Bailey.Cannon 350DSigma 105 macro with +4 DiopterIkelite eTTL housing2 x DS125 strobesand a yellow box to breath from.

Cheers,Richard B.

Check out more pictures from my latest underwater exploits :- if your Etisicrap, get a free web proxy.)