Monday, June 11, 2007

The Alvin Appeal

Late last year, a scuba instructor named Alvin Vestil was seriously injured while a passenger in a taxi on the RAK/Dibba Road. He has been left with neurological damage and needs to be repatriated to his family in the Philippines, where he will continue to need constant care. His court case is still pending, and his friends and the diving community have started The Alvin Appeal to get him home and get him help.

Local scuba and travel businesses have donated over 30 diving-related prizes to a raffle being held July 5th to help Alvin. Tickets are 20 dhs each and are available at Scuba Dubai, Al Boom, Freestyle Divers, Gulf Marine Sports (Abu Dhabi)and Emirates Diving Association. For more details on Alvin, the appeal, and the raffle, visit the EDA website.

Thank you for supporting a diver in need.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Zainab; not Dara

The Grumpy Goat regrets that the dive he said he'd marshal on Saturday 9th June is not going to happen because of illness. However, all is not lost. Alissar has agreed to run a Saturday dive to Zainab instead.

You lucky people.