Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi All,

Fed up being the only one posting so I've set my own site up which please have a look at :-

There are some photos from the "Big 100" as celbration of DSDC 25th aniversary.

Hope you like them.

Richard B.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neptune 23rd August 2008

Thanks to Steve Lockie for organising and running the trip.
Vis was fantastic for once, shame there wasn't the fish life to match.

However as is my style now I'll let a some photos do the talking.

Small Appature for dark background.
Hermit Crab (approx 2cm)

Mouth of a Brittle Star

Hope you like them.

Cheers, Richard B.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dammiyats - Oman, Muscat 1 Aug 2008

Hi All,

Only one posting still so while not an Offical DSDC club trip a group from the club went down to visit an old member Steve G.

We did two dives on the Dammiyat Islands off shore from Muscat in Oman. These sites are famous for marine life and we were all hopefull of some big life, sadly no whale sharks but Mark addmitted he scares all fish away :-)

I'm not a long winded on so I'll shut up and let the photos do the talking from now.

Thanks to Steve and Lou for organising the diving and hospitality.

Richard B.

p.s. Grupmy Goat please forgive the spelling :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Zhainab 2nd May - Nudibranch


Seeing as nobody else seems to post EVER here's an update on last weekends diving.

It was supposed to be the swift but despite a valiant effort and 3 hours the swift wasn't going to happen so it was back to the Zhainab.Viz was "Good" by recent standards but sadly still not the wreck of old.

Took my new toy, Macro lens out to play with the Nudibranch's.

This is what they normally look like with a normal camera (17-70mm), even zoomed (70mm) in :

This is through the Macro, approx 2:1 (so double life size on the camera sensor) :

The front :

The back :

None of the above are cropped they are as I took the shot, just to prove it here is one I have cropped :

(C) R Bailey.Cannon 350DSigma 105 macro with +4 DiopterIkelite eTTL housing2 x DS125 strobesand a yellow box to breath from.

Cheers,Richard B.

Check out more pictures from my latest underwater exploits :- if your Etisicrap, get a free web proxy.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Musandam - 7th March - Kachalo, Ras Musandam & Marsden's Arse


First and foremost thanks to "Scooter" Bob for organising another fantastic fast boat trip.
I don't have the eloquence (or spelling) of the Grumpy Goat so I'll let my pictures do the talking.

Richard B.

Scooter Bob Himself
Bandits at 12 O'clock, climb up and dive from the sun !

Could almost be the Red Sea

A few "Rays" of Sun shine.
My "lucky" buddy Rebreather Bob.
Is he stoned ?
Look a shark ! Closer..Closer Still...
Is that close enough, look bottom right ! wonder what caused the bubbles :-)

(C) R Bailey 2008
Canon 350D, Ikelite eTTL housing, Sigma 17-70 Macro, 8" dome, twin DS125 Strobes.

(C) R Bailey 2008
Canon 350D, Ikelite eTTL housing, Sigma 17-70 macro, 8" dome and twin DS125 Strobes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mussandam Dhow trip Fri Feb 29th


Are you frustrated at the lack of diving on the west coast due to poor weather? The weather is usually better on the east coast. Why not join us for some great diving in the Mussandam?

Please drop in at the club on Monday evening to sign up for the Mussandam dhow trip scheduled for Friday Feb 29th.

For those of you who are new to the club, this is a two cylinder dive in Mussandam, Oman (possible dive sites: Octopus Rock and Lima Rock, weather permitting). The weather was good on last month's dhow trip, so this should be a good social outing.

You may wish to bring your family and friends.

Here are the cost details:

(<12) FOC

If you have any questions, please see me at the club on Monday evening.


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Monday, January 28, 2008

DSDC - 25th Anniversary Ball - 15 May 2008

Hi all,

Pls put this date in your diaries.

Looks like Nancy has finalised a deal with the Movenpick.
The tickets will be Dhs 275 per head which will include welcome drink, buffet dinner, 4 bottles of wine per table (tables of 10), disco etc. For further "refreshments" the bar will be open at normal prices - around Dhs25 per drink.
Nancy is on leave, but on her return she'll be looking for help to organise the final details, particularly 1. Ticket sales 2. Raffle Prizes 3. Party games

We'd like to see all DSDC members there plus, of course, the Hash as well - let's go for 300 bodies and have a damned good party. We have an "extrovert" DJ, Mike Greaves, lined up and he'll certainly liven things up so long as you're willing to enter into the spirit of things!!!!!!

Basically we won't be looking too make much money on tickets, but have the opportunity to make a decent amount on a good raffle, so if you can help procure some top prizes, it would be greatly appreciated.



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